The Foreign Office has numerous diplomats assigned to various states, regions and organisations; these are appointed by the Chief Ambassador, who through holding that office holds responsibility for relations with all nations and peoples that do not have a specifically designated diplomat. The function of ambassadors and diplomats in countries which do not recognise Austenasia is simply to raise awareness of the Empire’s existence within the country they have been assigned to and to represent the Empire to regional or national authorities should it be necessary.


The Empire officially claims five properties at present as embassies and consulates. Only one Austenasian embassy – that to Überstadt – is accredited by the host state, but said embassy is also the only one which is not manned by an ambassador. Austenasia claims extraterritoriality for all its embassies, with administrative control by the Chief Ambassador (as opposed to the laws of the host state) claimed for Austenasian embassies as a manifestation of this extraterritoriality.

The currently claimed embassies of Austenasia are:

  •  Embassy to Pakistan: City Plaza B-15 & 16, Gaju Khan Road, Mardan – established 29 October 2015
  •  Embassy to Spain: Calle Cordoba 3, 3B, Granada – established 29 October 2015
  •  Embassy to Überstadt: 1C & 1D, Rosewood – established 10 August 2015
  •  Embassy to the United Kingdom: 7 Barclay House, Well Street, Hackney Central – established 6 February 2017

Austenasia currently hosts a single official embassy: the Kingdom of Copan uses  East Wrythe, an exclave of the capital, as a Copanese embassy.



Ambassadors are diplomats assigned to a sovereign state, whereas consuls-general and consuls are assigned to a specific region or city within a sovereign state. The majority of ambassadors do not have embassies over which the Empire has claimed extraterritoriality. The current ambassadors appointed by the Foreign Office are:

  • Ambassador to Algeria: H.E. Akka Bey (since 6 February 2016)
  • Ambassador to Argentina: HRH King Tarik (since 6 February 2016)
  • Ambassador to Australia: Charlotte Lindström (since 30 March 2014)
    • Envoy to Sydney: H.E. The Rt Hon. Sir Hugh McFarlane, KCA (since 13 April 2016)
  • Ambassador to Austria: H.E. Arthur C. de Tourneau (since 25 March 2021)
  • Ambassador to Belgium: H.E. Thibaut Naniot (since 31 August 2015)
  • Ambassador to Bhutan: H.E. Pema Tshering (since 13 August 2015)
  • Ambassador to Brazil: H.E. Sir Lucas Campos, KOB (since 17 March 2012)
  • Ambassador to China: H.E. Juntao Yang, Duke of Shuhan (since 3 February 2022)
    • Consul-General in Hong Kong: H.E. Ming Him Chu (since 9 December 2014)
    • Envoy to Nanchang: H.E. Gary Pu (since 10 February 2022)
  • Ambassador to Croatia: H.E. Drago Plečko (since 23 March 2017)
  • Ambassador to France: H.E. Arsène Salaün (since 10 May 2020)
  • Ambassador to Greece: HM Emperor Aggelos I (since 25 April 2017)
  • Ambassador to India: H.E. Professor Sir Sanjib Bhattacharya, KOB, OAO (since 25 August 2018)
    • Envoy to Ahmedabad: H.E. Suneel Mandra (since 13 November 2018)
    • Envoy to Bengaluru: H.E. Preetam Kapei (since 17 May 2022)
    • Envoy to Chennai: H.E. Karthik Aswathnarayanan (since 25 February 2021)
    • Envoy to Coimbatore: H.E. Dr. Ajithan D. S. (since 10 July 2022)
    • Envoy to Jamnagar: H.E. Hemanshu Parmar (since 26 January 2023)
    • Envoy to Kolkata: H.E. Paul Tapas (since 21 May 2020)
    • Envoy to Lucknow: H.E. Naman Pandey (since 4 December 2017)
    • Envoy to New Delhi: H.E. Dr R. N. Kalra (since 9 March 2017)
    • Consul-General in Northeast India: HIll.RM Rashtradhyaksh Dhrubajyoti Roy (since 17 July 2021)
    • Consul-General in South India: H.E. Dr. K. Mohan Menon, MAO (since 12 April 2019)
  • Ambassador to Italy: Lord Vincenzo Alfano, Ph.D (since 2 October 2015)
    • Consul-General in Lombardy: H.E. Giuseppe Checchia (since 12 April 2020)
  • Ambassador to Indonesia: H.E. Zaim Azizirrahim (since 20 April 2018)
  • Ambassador to Japan: H.E. Kenichiro Fukui, MAO (since 11 June 2017)
  • Ambassador to Lebanon: H.E. Khaled Chehimi (since 11 January 2020)
  • Ambassador to Mexico: H.E. Jorge Luis Gallegos Ortiz (since 24 June 2020)
  • Ambassador to Namibia: H.E. Christopher van Wyk (since 22 September 2017)
  • Ambassador to Nepal: H.E. Dr. Shyam Khadka (since 5 January 2017)
  • Ambassador to the Netherlands: Bradley, King of the Romans (since 28 July 2011)
  • Ambassador to New Virginia: Lord William Wilson, Duke of Taysha (since 10 May 2022)
  • Ambassador to Norway: H.E. Christopher Miller (since 18 March 2021)
  • Ambassador to Pakistan: H.E. Tariq Zubair, CAO (since 3 September 2015)
  • Ambassador to the Philippines: H.E. Manuel Salta (since 21 November 2022)
  • Ambassador to Poland: H.E. Patryk Tomala (since 28 January 2018)
  • Ambassador to Romania: King Ciprian (since 24 December 2011)
  • Ambassador to Russia: H.E. Anastasia Naberezhnykh (since 16 November 2022)
  • Ambassador to South Africa: H.E. Justin van der Westhuizen (since 28 October 2021)
  • Ambassador to Spain: H.E. Sir Dominic Connolly, KOB (since 12 June 2014)
    • Envoy to Madrid: Lady Sheila Muñoz Fernández (since 15 December 2020)
  • Ambassador to Sri Lanka: H.E. Naseer Salahudeen (since 25 August 2015)
  • Ambassador to Sweden: H.E. Anders Saltborn (since 13 January 2016)
  • Ambassador to Switzerland H.E. Fayaz Muhammad (since 17 December 2019)
  • Ambassador to Thailand: H.E. Sirikanlaya Yoskrai (since 12 February 2018)
  • Ambassador to the United Kingdom: H.E. Lee Cant (since 4 February 2017)
    • Consul-General in England: H.E. Alfie Smith (since 21 April 2020)
      • Envoy to Portsmouth: HI&SH Empress Hannah (since 31 January 2023)
    • Consul-General in the Isle of Man: H.E. Heather Easton (since 17 March 2020)
    • Consul-General in Northern Ireland: H.E. Sir Jonny Blair, KOA (since 25 March 2015)
    • Consul-General in Scotland: Lord James Stewart (since 7 February 2020)
  • Ambassador to the United States of America: Lord Michael Simpson, Count of Occibrazos (since 28 May 2021)
    • Consul-General in Arizona: Lord Charles Ross, Duke of Occidentia (since 17 March 2019)
    • Consul-General in Florida: HM King Cameron I (since 3 June 2019)
    • Consul-General in Georgia: H.E. Casper von Naveria (since 3 March 2020)
    • Consul-General in Idaho: H.E. Isaac Alsop (since 26 December 2012)
    • Consul-General in Illinois: HG Jackson Morris, Duke of Crystal (since 22 August 2020)
    • Consul-General in Indiana: H.E. Sir Thomas Keister, Bt (since 27 February 2017)
    • Consul-General in Louisiana: Andrew I, Duke of Pontunia (since 13 May 2021)
    • Consul-General in Michigan: HG Aidan McGrath, Duke of Limiport (since 20 August 2020)
    • Consul-General in Missouri: H.E. Dakoda George, SCP (since 22 May 2011)
    • Consul-General in North Carolina: H.E. Rev. Sir Arturo Lara, OMS (since 17 February 2020)
    • Consul-General in Ohio: Lord Grant Hawkins, Count of Greater Hoagland (since 11 April 2014)
    • Consul-General in Texas: Lord Michael Simpson, Count of Occibrazos (since 17 June 2020)
    • Consul-General in Wyoming: H.E. Ava Neasa, SAV (since 13 September 2016)
  • Ambassador to Ukraine: H.E. Nitin Kumar (since 27 March 2021)
  • Ambassador to Uruguay: H.E. Luis Felipe da Silva Mateus, OAO (since 13 June 2018)


Ambassadors-at-Large are diplomats assigned to more than one sovereign state, nation, people, and/or organisation, or to deal with a specific foreign policy issue spanning several of such remits.

  • Ambassador-at-Large for the States bordering India: H.E. Professor Sir Sanjib Bhattacharya, KOB, OAO (since 13 August 2015). Has authority to oversee the diplomatic activity of the Empire in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, and to supervise any other Austenasian diplomats already stationed in said countries.
  • Ambassador-at-Large for Romanity and Imperium: HM Emperor Aggelos I (since 27 July 2018). Has authority to assist where possible with the promotion of the Roman tradition and with the establishing of relations with nations that are influenced by the Roman Empire.


Envoys are diplomats assigned to a sovereign entity which is not recognised as a state (such as a sovereign nation) or to a non-sovereign ethnic, national, cultural, religious or linguistic people.

  • Envoy to Talossa: H.E. Tariq Zubair, CAO (since 7 October 2017)
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