Imperial Family

The Imperial Family are the relatives of the reigning Monarch.

The Imperial Family proper is composed of the Monarch, their spouse, their siblings, and any direct ancestors and descendants. The “extended Imperial Family” is a term used to include relatives who fall outside of that definition, such as cousins, especially those who are also in the line of succession to the Throne.

Members of the Imperial Family

HI&SH Empress Hannah
Augusta, Princess of Wildflower Meadows, Duchess of Chester Meadows, of Deva Victrix, and of the Parque de María Luisa, Crown Steward of Imperial Wrythe, Dame Companion of the Glorious Order of St. John, Dame Imperial of the Order of Saint Constantine, Imperial Dame of the Austenasian Order
Empress Hannah is the wife and consort of Emperor Jonathan I. The imperial couple married in November 2022, having first met in 2011 and starting a relationship in 2015. The Empress also reigns as a sovereign head of state in her own right, as the Princess of Wildflower Meadows, which she rules as an absolute monarch. Born on 27 February 1996, the Empress holds degrees in English Literature and Culture and in Spanish, having attended the University of Chester.

HIH Crown Princess Caroline
Heir to the Throne, 1st Archduchess of Asia Minor, Countess of Nearloch, 1st Baroness of Wrythe, Sovereign of the Order of the Crown Princess, Dame Companion in the Glorious Order of St. John, Dame Imperial of the Order of Saint Constantine, Dame of Carothan
Crown Princess Caroline is Heir to the Throne of Austenasia, being the younger sister of the Emperor. As such, she is only heir presumptive, and any future children of the Emperor will come before her in the Line of Succession. Born on 25 May 1998 at St. Helier Hospital in Carshalton, she is currently employed as an events organiser at a church in London. She has interests in animals, singing and drama. She served as Representative of Wrythe between December 2011 and November 2013, and as one of the two consuls for 2015.

HIH Emperor Father Terry
Pater Patriae, Head of the House of Austen, 1st Duke of Davidopia, Marquess of Coulsdon, Mayor of Wrythe, Captain of the Imperial Guard, Crown Steward of Imperial Wrythe, Sheriff of Wrythe Public Park, Knight Companion of the Glorious Order of St. John, Knight Imperial of the Order of Saint Constantine, Knight of Edd, Knight Protector of the Crown Princess
Emperor Father Terry was the founding Monarch of the Empire between its creation in September 2008 and his abdication in February 2010, reigning as Terry I. Born on 16 May 1961 in Coulsdon, the now Emperor Father has had several jobs in security, from managing Wallington security companies to guarding the national treasures of the United Kingdom at the National Portrait Gallery; at present, he is self-employed as a gardener. He married the Emperor Mother in 1989, and enjoys fishing and golf. Emperor Father Terry has served as the Mayor of Wrythe since 10 February 2017, and as Captain of the Imperial Guard since 25 July 2020.

HIH Emperor Mother Margaret
1st Archduchess of Pannonia, 2nd Duchess of Grantabridge, 1st Baroness of Glencrannog, Crown Steward of Imperial Wrythe, Dame of Honour in the Glorious Order of St. John, Dame Imperial of the Order of Saint Constantine, Dame of Rose, Dame Protector of the Crown Princess
Emperor Mother Margaret is 12th in Line to the Throne. Born in Merton on 8 December 1955, the Emperor Mother is now retired, having previously had careers working in a hotel and as a medical secretary. Married to Emperor Terry I, she served as Empress during his reign. The now Emperor Mother also served as one of the two Consuls for 2016.

Line of Succession to the Throne

The Line of Succession to the Throne currently stands thus:

  • 1. HIH Crown Princess Caroline
  • 2. HIH Princess Christine
    • 3. HIH Princess Louise
  • 4. HIH Princess Pauline
    • 5. HIH Prince Kelvin
      • 6. HIH Prince Louis
      • 7. HIH Princess Georgiana
    • 8. HIH Prince Andrew
  • 9. HIH Princess Julie
    • 10. HIH Prince Daniel
    • 11. HIH Prince Matthew
  • 12. HI&SH Empress Hannah
  • 13. Lady Stephanie, Marchioness of Wandleside
    • 14. Lord Damien, Earl of Richmond Green
  • 15. HIll.H Lady Tania, Countess of Memphis
  • 16. HIH Emperor Mother Margaret
  • 17. Lord Michael, Duke of Merton
    • 18. Lord Timothy, Archduke of Gallia
    • 19. Lady Catherine, Archduchess of Oceania
    • 20. Lady Jennifer, Archduchess of Sarmatia

The Throne is intended to be inherited through male-preference (cognatic) primogeniture. When the Line of Succession reaches the end of those related to the Monarch by blood, it passes to the spouse of the Monarch and to their relatives, in ascending order of reign. Empress Hannah, wife of Jonathan I, is therefore twelfth in line, and after her family come the former Empress Margaret, wife of Terry I, and her family. Succession to the Throne is not strictly hereditary, however, as demonstrated by the ascension of both Esmond III and Declan I. Parliament is constitutionally empowered to make any necessary changes to the Line of Succession (a power which was delegated to the Monarch and Senate in July 2020).

Members of the Line of Succession must be baptised Christians in order to ascend the Throne. Furthermore, those born to members of the Line of Succession do not automatically become members themselves unless approved by the Monarch (or, technically, unless the other parent is also of imperial, royal or noble rank). This is in order to prevent the Throne from falling to distant relatives out of touch with the Imperial Family, or to children the parents of whom do not want to be offered said responsibility.

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