Government Ministers are responsible for the executive administration and governance of Austenasia, and together with the Prime Minister make up the Cabinet.

Government Ministers are appointed by the Monarch upon the nomination of the Prime Minister. Each minister – with the exception of the Secretary-General, who functions as a “one-man civil service” – heads a Government Ministry, of which there are eight:

Home Office

This Ministry is responsible for encouraging the integration of new land claims and the communication of local authorities with the central government, registering any new residents that arrive or are born in Austenasia, and keeping a regularly updated census of all subjects and residents of the Empire.

The Home Office also supervises the running both of the Environmental Agency and the State Intelligence Agency.


This Ministry is responsible for the finances, government income and national expenditure of Austenasia.

The Treasury has the responsibility of developing and executing the national finance policy, and prior to 2013 oversaw a system of tax collection. It was also minted a set of commemorative coins in 2018 to mark Austenasia’s tenth anniversary.

Foreign Office

This Ministry is responsible for maintaining diplomatic relations with other nations and for representing and promoting Austenasian interests internationally.

Ministry of Defence

This Ministry has the duty of defending Austenasia, its people and government. It administers the Austenasian Armed Forces, formulates defence policy, and procures military equipment. The Ministry of Defence is also responsible for any rocket launches or attempts at space exploration by the Empire.

Ministry for Culture

This Ministry is responsible for the promotion and preservation of Austenasian culture. It provides for the maintenance of national monuments, the designation of heritage sites, and the appointment of Artists Laureate.

The Ministry for Culture’s website can be seen here.

Ministry of Justice

This Ministry is responsible for law enforcement and providing legal advice and services to the Government. It supervises the running of the Austenasian Police, and provides for the appointment of magistrates and prosecutors (and, in some circumstances, defence attorneys).

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