Who Are We?

The Empire of Austenasia began as a family of four who declared independence from the United Kingdom for their south London home as a sovereign state on 20 September 2008.

Since then, dozens of people and families from around the world have chosen to join the Empire, claiming their homes and properties for Austenasia and joining the rapidly growing country.

Austenasia now has a population of 150. Out of this number, 79 live in the various Austenasian land claims, whereas 71 form a “diaspora” of non-residential subjects.

The Empire of Austenasia considers itself a successor and continuation of the Roman Empire, restoring imperial rule to former Roman possessions as well as expanding beyond its historical borders.

Christianity has always been the majority religion in Austenasia, and so in 2017 the Empire declared itself an officially Christian country. However, no specific denomination is given any preferential treatment, and the right of Austenasians to adhere to any religion or none is enshrined in our constitutional law.

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